What is GUN

Gizi Untuk Negeri (Nutrition for All) is an initiated social movement because of the concern to improve the livelihoods of Urban Slums in Indonesia through continuous action. Not a charity.

Our Vision

Improving Urban Slums livelihood through Education for Children and Community Empowerment

Our Mission

Gizi Untuk Negeri mission's to improve food access, economic opportunity, and mental revolution through Education for Children as "The Agent of Change" and Community Empowerment

100+ Volunteers

Gizi Untuk Negeri is helped by volunteers who have heart and concern about Urban Slum children in Jakarta. Before the pandemic of COVID-19, We taught children English lessons every week and organized free health seminars for the communities in need at Old Town Slum Area Jakarta. However, the condition changed after the pandemic, but we’re not stopping and even getting stronger. Now, we are going to share good food not only for children in need but for bigger communities in need in Jakarta. We believe during this hard time, more people are afraid of starving than the COVID-19 itself. Good food will never change their life, but at least it will save their day for a good tummy. Thus, If you have the same belief, come and join us to lead this movement.